Quality Policy

Our goal in manufacturing and assembly  works we carry out with the experience gained in the domestic and foreign construction sites in 20 years is to ensure customer satisfaction, determine risks to establish a safe and healthy work environment, make the necessary improvements, take necessary measures and minimize risks by continuously monitoring the results.

Our policy is to

Effectively operate the quality, occupational health and safety management systems  that we have established with the self-criticism understanding for constant improvement with all our staff, ground on the highest security and the lowest cost with an environment/nature-respective organization approach in a healthy and productive work environment so that we achieve high quality in our business 

In this direction,

We declare and undertake that we will ensure implementation and sustainability of the quality, occupational health and safety management systems by documenting, act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to be able to provide the best quality services in the projects of our customers, minimize occupational accidents that may occur by making risk analysis in the workplace, give trainings to improve, grow and sustain the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees constantly, keep our quality, occupational health and safety policy open to our employees, stakeholders and third parties.



                                                                                               GENERAL MANAGER

                                                                                                HÜSEYİN BAŞKAYA